Review of Totepool Casino

Totepool, formerly known as Totesport, is a sports betting and casino site. It mainly offers online sports betting. Once you open an account (this casino is based in UK but its not at all limited to UK players only), you will see how easy it is to bet on your favorite sport. Totepool Casino, however, doesnt stop there. It also has an online casino where you can play games instantly on your browser or from where you can download the full gaming software version. You can gamble with real money if you want to try your luck at gambling, or just play for fun without using real money.
The Game

Between the downloadable version and the browser version, it is advisable that you choose the downloadable version since the browser version tends to load slower.

Players can choose to play with real money using their Totepool account or to play just for fun.

The game offers lots of familiar and unorthodox gambling games, which must be downloaded separately from the main client which has only the menu or the interface. This was done for customizability and to save on disk space. Users with slow connections can choose the games they want so that they would not have to download all of the games and thereby wait a long time.

It would help if there will be a good preview or description of the game being downloaded, though, since only the games title is shown in the games menu and even in the game download window. A good preview would let the player choose a game best suited for him/her.

The games are enjoyable and cater to a wide range of audiences. The familiar blackjack, slot machines and roulettes are present and so are unfamiliar but fun arcade games and progressive games. They have entertaining and lively graphics and animation, but some games might confuse players because of too much graphics in them. Some look like interactive buttons when theyre mere embellishments.

Some games have in-game instructions that can be a big help to players. The main help file is an eyesore because they used white text over a light-green background. I had a hard time reading the help file so I just decided not to read it anymore.

The sound effects and music are good and add to the excitement of the game but the main background music should be changed into something with a more casino-like feel.
Your Account

Your Totepool Casino account can be registered through the website. The account is for playing with real money. If you want to play for fun, you can register via the game itself. Private and financial information in your account is protected by SSL encryption, which is very secure. Also, Totepool will not give your vital information to third parties. Your real money bets can be transferred to Totepool via credit card. Maestro, Visa and Mastercards are accepted.

Totepool Casino rewards their members with VIP privileges and other promos for playing and betting in their games. Some notable rewards are free tickets to sport events and free cash prizes.