Review of DaVinci’s Gold Casino

No, you didnt read it wrong. There really is an online casino whose theme is based on the popular icon, Leonardo Da Vinci. Strange though the theme may be, the Rival white label casino DaVinci’s Gold offers a full range of Rival casino games and several bonus options for new players.
A puzzle worth solving?

From the website to the software, the theme remains consistent – Da Vinci. You might find this theme choice a bit puzzling at first but it will eventually grow on you. In fact, this kind of theme gives DaVincis Gold a small edge in the competitive world of online casino gaming – at least it is something memorable. The software is provided by Rival Gaming, a popular name when it comes to crafting top notch online casino games.
Game selection

There are over 70 games offered at DaVincis Gold – you will have to download the software which takes a few minutes. The graphics are of a sophisticated and high-end quality. The game selection includes Slots, Progressive Slots, Table Games, Video Poker and 5 Speciality Games including Keno.

As with all Rival powered casinos, DaVincis Gold offers i-Slots. Unlike ordinary slots, the i-Slots allow you to follow a story, and the way the story turns out is based on the way you play your game.
Support and banking

Customer support and banking at DaVinci’s Gold is handled by Rival Gaming’s in-house support team and payment processors. In our experience this means that the support is not the best as it is shared between a number of casinos instead of being dedicated. Payments tend to be handled a little on the slow side, and players have often been “bonus-banned” after a winning session. There is also a daily limit on withdrawals of $2000, which could quickly become annoying if you want to withdraw a large jackpot win.