Review of AdamEve Casino

AdamEve Casino is a strangely named Curacao-licensed casino that offers players the chance to play the little-known games from developer Games-OS (formerly known as CTXM), along with the more widely known and popular Playtech. Most people have heard the biblical story of Adam and Eve but even after playing there I can’t work out what any of that has to do with this casino. The casino is offered in both English and Russian languages and I can only guess that the casino predominantly caters to Russians, and that I am missing something in the translation.
Software and game selection

You have a choice of either playing the games at AdamEve in your web browser, or you can choose to download and install the Playtech software if you prefer. Conspicuous by their absence are some of Playtech’s big name titles, including the Marvel Comics series. Don’t let the picture of Captain America on some of the web pages fool you, the game isn’t available for play through the website. This reduces the appeal of the site quite a bit, after why play here when you could play the same games plus more at another high quality Playtech casino?

The games provided by Games-OS are definitely inferior to those of Playtech. The production values are not as high and the themes are fairly boring ones that I have seen many times before. There were a few that I didn’t mind though: Aztec Slots is a decent 9 line machine, and the “Freaky” series of games like Freaky Bandits, Freaky Wild West and Freaky Cowboys are quirky games. Archipelago Slots is also worth a try, if only to hear and laugh at the intro voiceover from someone who clearly has never heard or said the word Archipelago before, and House of Scare is delightfully badly translated.

AdamEve Casino is available for play on your mobile device, but unfortunately you only get a restricted selection of the Games-OS slots, and none of the Playtech ones, plus a few tables games and video poker.
Banking and withdrawal limitations

AdamEve Casino offers the usual credit and debit card options, along with popular e-wallets for both deposits and withdrawals, and as per usual deposits to your account are handled instantly. However the crucial matter of withdrawals are where this casino frankly starts to fall apart. First off the casino institutes a payout limit clause of 2500 per week for anyone who wins more than 5x their total deposits at the casino. This sort of clause is not unusual for small-time casinos. However to my horror I discovered that the casino limits your ability to win big by capping all winnings at the casino to 10x your deposit, regardless of whether you claimed a bonus or not. And if you do manage to win on one of AdamEve’s bonuses, which I might add all have ridiculously high wagering requirements and only allow you to play the Games-OS games, you cannot withdraw more than 5x your deposit.

Sadly that is not all the bad stuff I discovered buried in this casino’s terms and conditions. AdamEve reserves the right to close your account and confiscate your money if you use “any form of double-up strategy to increase bet values be it a player is playing with or without bonus money”. So if you like to play a Martingale system which we all know is a loser in the long run anyway, this casino can keep your money. Another one for the roulette players to watch out for is this:

Playing Roulette player can not make more than 30% of the bets on one number in a row be it a player is playing with or without bonus money.

In my experience rules like this are usually included to avoid paying someone who has won big by playing in that specific way – i.e. betting on the same number every spin. This is a common roulette bet and it grants the player no advantage over picking a random number each time. It makes no sense at all, and only indicates that the people running the casino either do not understand maths and the nature of a random game, or they are deliberately trying to avoid paying a winner.